Yes, Michigan is a great place to live!

As some of you know, I do a weekly piece for the News-Herald called "Speak Out," in which I go out and ask a different question each week to four Downriver residents, and then collect their name, photo and answer, to be printed in the opinion section of the paper.

Quite often, the subject is controversial, but usually fairly lighthearted. I try to keep the questions relevant to the time of year, current news event, or sometimes it just ends up being a random question that doesn't really relate to much at all. The views expressed aren't mine, or that of the paper, and can't possibly represent an accurate cross section of the community, as I can only question four individuals. It usually ends up being the first four people I come across who are willing to speak to me and get their photo taken!

I enjoy when local residents comment on my articles, or send in rebuttals. It lets me know that people actually read the stuff I write, and sometimes it presents the opportunity to expand a little on the thoughts behind the piece.

On January 8, I did a piece entitled "If you had the chance to move to a warmer climate, would you?"  Of the four people queried, only one said she would stay in Michigan, but only because of family she couldn't leave behind. The other three gave a very emphatic "Yes!"

One local resident, Gilbert Rose of Wyandotte, completely disagreed, and send in a letter to the editor. 

In his letter, Mr. Rose writes "I have lived here close to 80 years and have always been grateful that we seem to have no earthquakes, no mudslides, no uncontrollable wildfires, no droughts, no monsoons, no major floods, no volcanoes, no hurricanes — only an occasional tornado and rather minimal amounts of snow and ice, at least in the tri-county area."

He goes on to say "the temperatures can get uncomfortable on occasion, sometimes too hot and sometimes too cold, but by and large, Michigan has always seemed to me a swell place to live."

I do have to agree with Mr. Rose, and while the temperatures do seem unbearable at times, things could be a whole lot worse. Aside from being completely devoid of hurricanes, volcanoes and earthquakes (unless of course a meteor happens by), Michigan does have a few perks:

  • Faygo
  • Vernors
  • The Henry Ford
  • No Sharks
  • Almond Chicken (seriously, a Michigan only dish!)
  • Tigers Baseball
  • Faygo
  • Mackinac Island
  • Kilwin's Chocolates
  • Frankenmeuth
  • Motown Museum 
  • Tahquamenon Falls
  • Rock n' Rye 
  • No Sharks!!!
The list could go on and on. Did I mention Rock n' Rye and the fact that there are no sharks? I think about moving south a few times per winter, when my can't feel my face because the heat is out in my car, but in the end it's a pretty great place to be. What are your favorite Michigan only items to add to the list?


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